Sir Pro-Life-A-Lot


Sir Blender

Unfortunately for Sir Lot, musical taste also begins at conception.   There are some little known facts about Sir Lot that you may not be aware of.

  • Anthony Ray was so ahead of his time that he recorded a special spoken word piece (more a tone poem, really) about the dangers of Vitamin D deficiency for the B – side to his Greatest Hit 45.
  • George W. Bush was heavily influenced by Baby Got Back in his decision to halt government funding for stem cell research.
  • Jump on It sucks.
  • Sir Lot does not really own an anaconda.

Train in Vainglorious



Some lesser known battle cries include:

  • Slovick!
  • Remember the Main Vein!
  • Burnside!
  • Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eggs!
  • Aikman!
  • Ozzie the Alamo!
  • I regret that you have but one life to give for your country.
  • Custer!
  • Numquam Fidelis
  • I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and urine.
  • Avenge Robby Benson!
  • Kahlesste kaase
  • Shitting Bull!

Comichronicity II


Another suburban family morning surfing around the interwebs turned up yet another.  And you wonder why Grandmother is screaming at the wall?  These things are like something crawling from the slime at the bottom of a dark Scottish lake.

In lighter news google has announced that they will soon be able to search for words within pictures which will make our job much easier.


Krazy ButterLt. Wow

Amos and Catty

Braveheart –  Rob RoyTombstone –  Wyatt EarpCapote –  InfamousDeep Impact –  ArmageddonSaving Private Ryan –  Tank Girl.

Have you noticed that comics have become as derivative as movies?  Why must several comics use the same humor trope (often on the same day)?  Scouring the interwebs it’s easy to find basically the exact same comic joke.

“Hot Buttered Pussy” was the original title of this post but we fear the PTA is monitoring our activities.