Up The Ass Without a Paddle



I call bullshit on Whizzit.  What, you say?  How is that possible?  Look at the clues. 

  • Salida means exit in Spanish.
  • Prostate exams were not common in the 50’s. 
  • The butt plug is missing from Mr. Whizzit’s ass.
  • Sad, lonely tear. 
  • Mr. Whizzit would need more than a knife to get a date.

Cash For Clunkers


Rodger Wilco 

Our favorite butt boys are back with some more trenchant current commentary.  That sounds like the tagline for the movie “Rodgering Me.”

In a world where the government owns everything, only a ragtag crazy pair of sodomists can prevail.
Come along for the crazy ride as they take the most dangerous chance of all…
they cum in each others’ ass.

“Rodgering Me”, opening wide on Christmas Day, 2009.

Harry Chapin vs. Calvin Murphy



Once again, Whizzit was clearly written in the 50’s.  The good old days when Football players merely beat their children instead of ignoring them.  However, it’s difficult to pay attention to your kids when you can’t even keep track of them or their mothers.  Here’s the current league leaders:


Athlete # of Children # of Baby Mamas
Calvin Murphy 14 9
Travis Henry 9 9
Evander Holyfield 11 ???
Shawn Kemp 7 6
Derrick Thomas 7 5
Scott Skiles 6 4

Between a Cock and a Hard On

Cock ‘N’ Balls


When economic times are tough it’s comforting to have reliable sources of advice.  Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, The Kiplinger Letter and Cock ‘N’ Balls continue to deliver the goods