Oops a SOLID Joke

Dinosaur Doctor

S) This strip only contains one joke. Check.

O) Dinosaur’s ass is open for extension but closed for modification. Check.

L)  If you substitute any Kardashian for the Dinosaur, the joke still works.  Check.

I) There is only one public interface to this strip. Check.

D) Dinosaur must bend over for the joke.  This seems like a somewhat concrete inversion of dependency. Partial Credit.

Up The Ass Without a Paddle



I call bullshit on Whizzit.  What, you say?  How is that possible?  Look at the clues. 

  • Salida means exit in Spanish.
  • Prostate exams were not common in the 50’s. 
  • The butt plug is missing from Mr. Whizzit’s ass.
  • Sad, lonely tear. 
  • Mr. Whizzit would need more than a knife to get a date.

Cash For Clunkers


Rodger Wilco 

Our favorite butt boys are back with some more trenchant current commentary.  That sounds like the tagline for the movie “Rodgering Me.”

In a world where the government owns everything, only a ragtag crazy pair of sodomists can prevail.
Come along for the crazy ride as they take the most dangerous chance of all…
they cum in each others’ ass.

“Rodgering Me”, opening wide on Christmas Day, 2009.