37 Year Itch Virgin

Rest in Pieces


The nurse seems to think it’s strange that Lydia was “trapped” in a sexless marriage for 37 years.  The nurse obviously doesn’t know Lydia very well.  Plus she must have never been married.

I do like how the artist, Phllyis (sic) Ruggerti, juxtaposes the geese flying south for warmth and life and Lydia being wheeled north to her eventual death.

Labor Day Hellathon

Dinosaur Doctor

Dinosaur Labor

I actually watched 17 straight hours of the Jerry Lewis Telethon thing weekend, because really, where can you find such fine entertainment these days?  At one point Jerry got quite agitated (well, at several points) and cursed on live television about helping the “goddamn sick fuckers.”  That reminded me of this Dinosaur Doctor.