Winking Vulva

Rest in Pieces

This is the result of a google search for Winking Vulva comics.  Please help Rest in Pieces rise to the top of this popular search.  Come on people, let’s SEO this bitch so that Lydia can win her rightful recognition.  Oh yeah, please go see “The Wicker Man” right away also or Nicholas Cage will lose another home.

37 Year Itch Virgin

Rest in Pieces


The nurse seems to think it’s strange that Lydia was “trapped” in a sexless marriage for 37 years.  The nurse obviously doesn’t know Lydia very well.  Plus she must have never been married.

I do like how the artist, Phllyis (sic) Ruggerti, juxtaposes the geese flying south for warmth and life and Lydia being wheeled north to her eventual death.