I Bet Our Mothers are Proud.

Cock ‘N’ Balls

In an effort to increase our readership, we here at GregAndDrew did a recent audit of which search terms are “driving” viewers to our site.  The following is the report of which search terms are used when a reader clicks on our blog.

Here are the terms used to find your blog

Search Views
cock and balls 6
cock 4
disturbing elmo 2
rodger 2
priest doctor 2
cock of man 2
shit dicker 2
hard cock 2
athiest 1
man cock 1
And now we present a new Cock and Balls cock that is disturbing Elmo while he Rodgers a priest doctor with a cock of man.  Many shit dicker’s (really? shit dicker?) have a hard cock as do many athiests who crave man cock.