NFL Playoff Time

Baby Louie

If “It’s not football unless you have a massive load,” then the Browns (LOL!) are the best team in the NFL.  Now we have to go hire an attorney since we’ll be sued by Roger Goodell.  He has to “protect the shield” after all and they need the money to figure out how to allow Joe Mixon in the league.  

Super Bowel Commercials

Baby Louie


It’s that time of year all commercial lovers long for (and isn’t that all of us, really)?  Because the game will suck and either Ray Lewis or Chris Culliver will be on a winning side, let’s forget our troubles with a big helping of crappy commercials from Super Bowls past.

Team Coco


What’s funny about the man portrayed in this comic is that shortly after this, he appeared on Jay Leno with his collection of “amusingly shaped shits.”  Jay got huge laughs when he pretended to take a bite of the log that looked like Lindsay Lohan.  It probably tasted better than the real Lindsay.