Buried Lede

Rest in Pieces

This strip is six fucking years old. Back in 2011 a joke such as this was just that, a joke with no possibility of coming true. Now in Trump’s America, we have H.R. 3874 which would make this the law of the land.  Wake up, sheeple!  Call your representative and tell them in no uncertain terms that debtor cemeteries are only for immigrants and presidents.

Polling Station

Cock ‘N’ Balls

After a short campaign with all the usual boring, normal ideas, it’s time for America to take the plunge and vote for either one of our lovable choices.  Those wags who say your vote doesn’t matter (ahem) are correct.  When both of the candidates are as great and lovable as those we have, it’s like choosing between a soothing, warm bath and a refreshing aperitif with friends.  Will America grab Pussy or Cock?